A quick look at the new shows of Fall 2011 so far.

Currently on the second week of the new season, here are my current impressions on the shows from a personal perspective of like/dislike:

  1. Persona 4: I liked the 1st episode but the 2nd one kind of bored me. The battle was a bit cliché and I found I couldn’t concentrate on it. The most weird with this show is that before it started it was assumed that the ones who played the game would hate it and the casual viewers would love it. What appears to be happening though is the reverse, the gamers loving it, the rest finding it a bit  meh. I’m inclined to keep watching it, as I expect it to be better later.
  2. Kimi to Boku: slice of life with 4 boys? I was expecting to be bored to death initially. I was not. Amazingly. Nothing terribly original, but it manages to keep my interest on the screen, something always a plus. The question is if it’ll manage to keep that up.
  3. Chihayafuru: Not impressed. Karuta makes me bored and I hate the whole recitation of poems as they present it, makes me sleepy. I haven’t seen “Hikaru no Go” yet, but eventually I will. Until then, my favorite similar anime remain “Shion no Ou” and “Saki” comes right after it. This one doesn’t seem to able to create the effect those two had, at least not yet. For me it’s more hyped at this stage than offering something I like to watch. It better deliver soon, or dropzilla gets a snack.
  4. Phi Brain: actually the 1st drop candidate of the season  on my list. At the second episode I found myself playing with my cellphone instead of wondering how the puzzle will be solved. Not working for me, second show in a row that Sunrise produces that fails me. The previous was “Sacred Seven”.
  5. Fate/Zero: Was expecting this one would be good and I’m not disappointed so far. Although this is based on a novel (but not a VN, a normal one), it’s the prequel to Fate/Stay night, a Visual Novel which I played/read to the end, following all possible routes. Having doing so, I know many more details for those characters and their past than the viewers who only watched the anime. That resulted in me keeping seeing references to the VN, or things that I had read in the VN that had happened in the past I see them happening now. Obviously I’m not objective in this case, just like the people who played Persona. The only bad thing? The 2nd cour of the series is scheduled for spring >.<
  6. Mirrai Nikki: I read the first few chapters of the manga in the past, then dropped it. I’m giving the anime a shot hoping it will be successful in keeping my interest better than the manga did. The first episode was merely the introduction to the whole premise of “future dairies” plus the main characters. Unfortunately the show isn’t loved much from the subbers.
  7. Boku wa Tomodachi ga Sukunai (Haganai) : Harem theoretically, but those girls are completely messed up, and so is the guy. I don’t think this will have any romance besides something casual at times, so hard to be called a harem, just a kind of unusual episodic comedy/school life show. Episode 1 was ok, episode 2 kept showing how weird those people are but it needs something more or I’ll get bored soon.
  8. Shinryaku!? Ika Musume: Laughed with Ika-san a lot in the 1st season, it’s all I want from the second season too de geso~! Definitely a keeper for me.
  9. Working’!: See above, the rest of the details are irrelevant for such a comedy, I never expected any plot, nor do I care for one.
  10. Un-Go: Unsure as of yet, 1st episode kinda meh really. Not completely boring, nothing much either. Animation quality is mediocre, the plot was predictable. Will watch at least 2 more episodes before I determine if I should drop the axe on it.
  11. Guilty Crown: A mix of Code Geass and Utena, nothing original as ideas, everything lies with the execution of the recipe. The first episode was not bad, had some stupid plot holes though, and the protagonist is the usual no-real-personality high school boy who ends up with super powers all of a sudden. Probably will keep it though, bound to have decent battles, maybe even a plot! The bad thing is that I got some No.6 vibes, so not sure if the plot will make sense.
  12. Last Exile: Fam, the Silver Wing: only available as raw at the time of this writing, hoping for something good from this attempt of Gonzo to come back.
  13. Mobile Suit Gundam AGE: totally meh character designs, even more meh mobile suit designs of the enemies. Only one episode watched so far though, and it was the cliché beginning of every Gundam. Same events as usual, ending up with the young boy piloting the Gundam itself, repelling the evil enemies. Can’t say yet where it’s heading, but what I read here and there support a big storyline. Will probably keep watching it unless Sunrise lost the ability to even make a decent Gundam show.
  14. Shakugan no Shana Final: Seen the previous series, so I’m quite familiar with all the characters and the settings. Shana no longer impresses me as when I first saw it, it was years ago and I was an anime n00b. But I still like it enough, and this will be the finale after all. Keeper by default.
  15. Maken-ki!: The “Freezing” of this season more or less, lot’s of fanservice (unfortunately too much for me) but also has romance (the shounen/harem type… of course) and battles. Exactly like “Freezing”, but in this case the girl’s boobs are not SO huge (thank god, that show was a nightmare). I’ll keep watching probably, mostly some mindless entertainment that is necessary some times.
  16. Kyoukai Senjou no Horizon: Another Sunrise show, the randomc.net blogger says it may end the best show of the season, but the start is anything but ideal: too complicated of a premise, too many characters, too confusing overall. May have to drop next week, possibly marathoning it after it ends. Not sure yet, will depend on the third episode.
  17. Mashiroiro Symphony: Love Is Pure White: Classic school life/romance show, I believe a game adaptation. Nothing original, nothing special, but somehow interesting so far. Probably will bore a lot of people but works for me so far.
  18. Maji de Watashi ni Koi Shinasai!: A school that uses some kind of battle system to solve issues. I saw 2 episodes. Remember absolutely nothing. ROAR! (I think I hear dropzilla…).
  19. Ben-To: Absurd show, people fighting of half-priced bentos in a super market. One episode only so far, can’t conclude anything yet. Beside the absurdness, I hope to see something more in the next 2 episodes. I suspect I’ll keep watching this anyway.
  20. : Supernatural stuff, started with a totally meh first episode that bored me, turned to action in the second. Unless they screw it up, will continue this
  21. Tamayura: Hitotose: Completely typical and slow slice of life. Maybe too slow. Candidate for drop, unless I start liking it. Has 2 more chances to convince me. This type of show can be slow to get into really, Hidamari Sketch is a good example of that, initially I thought it was crap, now I won’t miss an OVA.
  22. Hunter x Hunter (2011): supposedly a famous classic shounen in a new adaptation. I think this will be rather long running, I must seriously think if it’s worth it as I don’t like very long shows, and even less shounen ones. May not drop it after episode 3 but not sure I’ll last to the end either.

Rather long list, and not enough candidates to drop yet! Combined with shows from the previous season that are 2-cours, my list is too long! It’s unavoidable I’ll have to sacrifice some shows I would watch otherwise, but it all depends on my free time. Also, there are a few new shows that are absent from this list, I decided against them from the very start, including Bakuman 2 and Sekai-Itchi Hatsukoi, the reasons can be found in my Fall 2011 preview post.

Small footnote: I wanted to do this for some time now but kept postponing it until my imouto (those who know me know who I mean) sent me her impressions, so I had to write my own. This post is heavily based on my reply to her!


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