Modern tech gadgets: do we really need all this?

I was reading recently an article/post on a non-english forum related to cell phones. The writer was expressing the opinion that modern smartphones are superfluous and most people buy them just because they are the latest trend. But is that really so? Read the rest of this entry

A quick look at the new shows of Fall 2011 so far.

Currently on the second week of the new season, here are my current impressions on the shows from a personal perspective of like/dislike:

  1. Persona 4: I liked the 1st episode but the 2nd one kind of bored me. The battle was a bit cliché and I found I couldn’t concentrate on it. The most weird with this show is that before it started it was assumed that the ones who played the game would hate it and the casual viewers would love it. What appears to be happening though is the reverse, the gamers loving it, the rest finding it a bit  meh. I’m inclined to keep watching it, as I expect it to be better later. Read the rest of this entry

Fall 2011 season and what do I plan to watch.

Latest chart as found in

Latest chart as found in

The new season is only half a month away so I guess it’s time to start thinking which shows I’ll be watching. I’m really a person who doesn’t like reading extensive previews, as I am lazy to hunt for the info but the primary reason is that previews and summaries usually do not tell the whole story, and even worse they often give wrong impressions.

I would also say that they create unnecessary hype too but these days the hype is created anyway via social media, it’s unavoidable.

So, my method is a mix. I will follow shows that are sequels of anime I’ve watched in the past, will follow the noitaminA shows, some hyped shows with the hope I won’t be disappointed (much!) and for all the rest that make it through the initial filtering (some shows are obvious that I cannot watch from their preview) I start watching them all with the intention to start dropping from episode 3 and on. I try to follow that rule, but at times I either drop even from the 1st episode (the really bad cases) or I decide to drop a lot latter if I cannot decide.

Here is the list of sequels, prequels, spinoffs, retellings and any anime related to a previous aired one that I will try to watch during the Fall 2011 season: Read the rest of this entry

Anime vs Manga. Which should get more of your time?

A friend was the one who incited the question, which one is best? The answer is not something that can be set in stone, as there are many differences. The following is my reply to her a bit expanded.

As far the enjoyment factor goes, it has to be anime. Compared to the static images of the manga it has motion, voice acting, and in many occasions a decent soundtrack, making it a complete audio/visual experience requiring little or no imagination from the viewer to be able to enjoy it.

Read the rest of this entry

A blogging noob.

So this is my first attempt on a blog. Since I’m not really familiar with the blogosphere I I have no idea how this will turn out, I just want express some thoughts here every now and then that may not fit in twitter’s 140 characters.

Sometimes I’ll speak about anime, others about technology, and sometimes just random rants! Perhaps with time I’ll find a more specific direction, I’m a slow learner after all!